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AtlasOmega Nearing Soft-Launch

We have now entered the beta testing phase, as technical development of the site is winding down. The site is now open to contributors and their friends and family, but search engine indexing is still turned off and I have asked people not to link to AtlasOmega just yet. There will undoubtedly still be some unforeseen bugs to work out, but I look forward to discovering those as we begin filling the site up with content.

Tony Ernst to Join AtlasOmega

We’re happy to announce that Nature & Wildlife Photographer and Mountain Climber Tony Ernst is to join the AtlasOmega team. Tony has a long track record of making his way to some of the most remote places on the planet to photograph wildlife subjects and sweeping landscapes. You can view Tony’s extensive portfolio of wicked cool photos here.

Stay Organized with the Booq Mamba Shift

The Mamba Shift sports a glimpse of bright red fabric under its black exterior. That’s a fashion choice rather than a practical one – part of a pattern that keeps the Mamba Shift from being a great product. It’s a solid choice in the laptop backpack market, but it sacrifices too much function for style. Construction The Mamba Shift is about as well-constructed a laptop backpack as you’ll find. We slung it around on a weekend hike and a cross-country flight without so much as a loose thread. The isolated laptop pocket should become standard in this product line –[...]
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