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AtlasOmega -noun, the last boundary of the known world

AtlasOmega provides rich narratives and imagery that enables the reader to see through the eyes of global explorers and thrill seekers.  These people have made an art-form of navigating and imaging some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the planet, as well as capturing and sharing electrifying moments in time.

As we enter the virtual age of “the real time web”, where stories are packaged into successively smaller sound-byte sized units, repurposed and republished with little value added – AtlasOmega swims against that current, by producing original, feature quality stories and images about the wildest and least known parts of the world.

All of our explorers and adventurers spend enormous amounts of time and energy in the nitty-gritty details of preparation, equipment selection, technique and safety.  Yet, these critical aspects are oftentimes never known by the person who enjoys the final result, be it an in-depth story about a pioneering expedition or a stunning set of images that bring to life a lesser known part of the world.

AtlasOmega tells the story behind the story, and sets out to answer the question, “how did they do that?”

AtlasOmega Team


Calvin Tang

Publisher/Underwater Photographer

Founder of Newsvine, Northwest Dive Club and now AtlasOmega, Calvin juggles business strategy, editorial, distribution and product development. AtlasOmega is the manifestation of his many years of traveling, diving and photography. Calvin is a technical diver, alpine skier, underwater photographer and serial entrepreneur.


Eric Larsen

Polar Explorer

Modern-day explorer, Eric Larsen’s life epitomizes adventure. A polar explorer, dog musher, adventure racer and educator, he has spent the past 12 years of his life adventuring in some of the most remote and wild places left on earth. Totaled, Eric has traveled enough wilderness miles to circle the globe over two times, and recently became the first human being to reach the North Pole, South Pole and Summit of Mt. Everest in one year.


James Roy

Creative Director

James is the visionary behind the user experience at AtlasOmega. His intuitive command of web design and sharp instincts as a graphic artist are omnipresent around the site.


John Rawlings

Editor/Technical Diver

John Rawlings is an expert cold water diver, an accomplished underwater photographer and has extensive knowledge of marine wildlife. John is also the Chief Staff Writer for Advanced Diver Magazine, one of the leading publications in the worldwide diving industry. An underwater photographer for over three decades, his underwater photos have appeared in numerous publications around the world.


Tony Ernst

Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Tony has travelled to all seven continents to find and photograph wild places and the animals who inhabit them. His interest in photography began closer to home in the Seattle area when he begun taking photos while out climbing in the Cascades. Soon enough, rather than taking photos while climbing he was climbing to take photos. He has had numerous photos appear on the Bing.com homepage and was a finalist in the 2010 British Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Tony has a day job in the software industry.


Justin "Trauma" Lichter

Ultralight Hiker

Justin "Trauma" Lichter has hiked over 20,000 miles since 2002 using a method of travel referred to as Ultralight Backpacking. An adventurer and a minimalist, Trauma covers thousands of miles more quickly than previously thought possible. His travels have taken him to Africa, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand and across the United States. When he's not on the trail, Trauma can be found backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, nordic skiing mountain biking or just relaxing with his dog and travel companion, Yoni.


Ryan Waters

Professional Mountain Guide

Ryan Waters is a professional mountain guide, mountaineer and polar adventurer. He has climbed extensively in the Himalayas, Andes, and many other corners of the world. In 2010 he and his partner completed the first unassisted and unsupported ski traverse of Antarctica over 70 days. He owns a guiding service, Mountain Professionals, which leads expeditions around the globe.


Ken Kamada

Telemark Skier and Mountaineer

Ken Kamada has been an avid skier and mountaineer for over 30 years.  He is a multi-disciplined alpinist who skis, snowboards and telemarks.  In addition, he has climbed extensively in the Pacific Northwest summiting peaks like Mount Rainier, Adams, Baker and Glacier Peak.  In 2009, he started Telemark Northwest, a telemark ski and mountaineering instruction company, to provide the alpine experience to outdoor enthusiasts.  Ken has a sharp eye for detail when it comes to cutting edge outdoor equipment.


Donny Roth

Professional Ski Guide

Donny Roth works as a professional skier all year round. He owns Alpine Ambitions, a service dedicated to inspiring and facilitating big mountain adventures for passionate skiers. When not guiding, he can be found exploring wild mountain environments. These experiences serve as the platform for equipment research and development, as well as stories to share through a variety of media outlets. Beyond the classic destinations like the Colorado Rockies and the Alps, his passion for skiing has brought him to places like Japan, China, and Morocco. His favorite destination is the mountains of Chile, which he visits annually.


Chris Borgen

Underwater Explorer

Chris Borgen is a technical and commercial diver who specializes in finding and documenting freshwater shipwrecks and other artifacts. His passion for exploration and underwater adventure has taken him from documenting underwater archaeological sites in populated urban bodies of water to hunting for lost relics in the lakes of Latin America. Mr. Borgen has had his work published in the Seattle Times and Advanced Diver Magazine.