Analytical Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer

One of the most crucial steps in any pre-dive checklist is analyzing your gas prior to every dive. For technical mixed gas divers and recreational nitrox divers alike, having a portable, easy to operate gas analyzer is an absolute must to safely plan and execute every dive. Analytical Industries, a company well known in the dive industry for manufacturing oxygen cells, has now become the newest contender in the market of gas analyzers with their TruMix 4001, a highly accurate and user-friendly trimix analyzer.

When I first received the unit, I couldn’t help but notice they had integrated the analyzer into a florescent orange Pelican-type protective case. Everything was completely enclosed and secure, making it extremely difficult to damage. Some of the most prominent trimix analyzers on the market today seal the electronic components in a protective case, only to leave other crucial parts such as calibration knobs, screens, and gas ports exposed and prone to damage if dropped, or smashed by heavy dive equipment.

The TruMix 4001 Helium Oxygen Trimix Analyzer

Inside the case, the large 2.5 x 2.5 inch backlit LCD screen prominently displays the percentages of oxygen, helium, and the balance within 0.1%. All three gases are displayed at the same time, making the days of pushing a button to switch between gases a thing of the past. Even in low light situations or for divers with poor eyesight, reading the gas percentages will not be a problem due to the large font and LED backlighting. The most important information (being the mix percentages) is displayed in the center in large, bold type. Also displayed on the screen is the Maximum Operating Depth or “MOD”, based on a partial pressure of oxygen (PPO2) of 1.4. This is extremely handy for the recreational nitrox diver who can quickly determine his or her MOD at a PPO2 of 1.4, or when analyzing in a retail setting when one typically has to look up the MOD for each mix on a separate chart. Also displayed are temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. Although a lot of information is displayed on the screen, it is nicely displayed and not overdone.

During the monthlong test period of using the TruMix 4001 trimix analyzer, I came to greatly appreciate the exceedingly simple, one-button calibration. Calibration is as easy as removing the 3-plug gas port and pushing the Cal O2/ Zero HE button. That’s it! The unit automatically compensates for temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. The helium sensor corrects for differences in the thermal conductivity of oxygen and nitrogen, giving it a highly accurate calibration reading.

The sampling tube and adapter supplied with the analyzer are easy to use and can be used with either yoke or din valves. Most analyzers have a sampling tube attached to either a din or yoke connection, and depending on the cylinder valve being analyzed, the connection is changed to accommodate the style of valve. Going back and forth between yoke and din valves during analyzing can be tedious, especially in a retail setting, unless you’re using a sampling tube and adapter like the one supplied with the TruMix 4001 that can accommodate both styles of valves. This was just another well thought out feature that made the AI unit that much easier to use.

The TruMix runs on a rechargeable battery that can keep the unit going for 16 hours straight, and charges in 2 hours via the included 110/240 VAC adapter.

Any diver in the market for a trimix analyzer should seriously consider Analytical Industries’ TruMix 4001. With its rugged and durable design, easy to read LCD backlit display, and highly accurate ability to analyze percentages of oxygen and helium, this unit is leading the pack in functions and features.

Analytical Industries provided a demo unit of the TruMix 4001 to AtlasOmega for this review

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